Wikidot uses a combination of automatic and manual processes to identify sites that are likely to be webspam. The complex algorithm identifies users with low karma status, and then compares their sites with proven webspam patterns.

These patterns include (but aren't limited to) a combination of the following:

  • Having a generic unchanged /start page
  • Having generic unchanged /nav:top or /nav:side bars
  • Having many orphaned pages (pages that no other page links to)
  • Having lots of links to external websites
  • Having a high external link to page content ratio on a single page

Many sites that are picked up by the system and deleted have just one page and the sole purpose of that page is to link to an external site for SEO purposes. Sites like that will not be restored becasue the Wikidot team views them as webspam.

Nearly 180,000 sites have been deleted with the current system. Unfortunately, the spam filter isn't perfect and there will be some sites that are falsely detected as spam. If you feel this may have happened to you, simply fill out this application and your site will be reviewed within 24 hours. If the site was deleted manaully it will be reviewed by a different admin to make sure that there is no unfairness in the decision.